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Cleans cobwebs, walls, ceilings, cornices, floors with electrostatic action. Handle extends to 59".

  • Manufacturer: d-Con

The NEW d-CON Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Bait Station comes with multiple refill blocks for several uses. The refillable mouse bait station houses the bait in a box designed for mice to enter the station, eat the bait and leave before dying.

  • Manufacturer: d-Con

One of our Most Effective Mouse Trap! With the unique and easy to use d-CON® No View, No Touch mouse traps, you’ll never see or touch a dead mouse. Covered traps hide the dead rodents from sight and protect you while throwing them away.

  • Manufacturer: True Value

True value, 20 count, 45 gallon, 1.2 mil, black, extra large, trash bag, wing tie, 38" x 43".