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Cleans cobwebs, walls, ceilings, cornices, floors with electrostatic action. Handle extends to 59".

  • Manufacturer: d-Con

The NEW d-CON Refillable Corner Fit Mouse Bait Station comes with multiple refill blocks for several uses. The refillable mouse bait station houses the bait in a box designed for mice to enter the station, eat the bait and leave before dying.

  • Manufacturer: d-Con

One of our Most Effective Mouse Trap! With the unique and easy to use d-CON® No View, No Touch mouse traps, you’ll never see or touch a dead mouse. Covered traps hide the dead rodents from sight and protect you while throwing them away.

  • Manufacturer: True Value

True value, 20 count, 45 gallon, 1.2 mil, black, extra large, trash bag, wing tie, 38" x 43".

  • Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation

Protect your pantry! You could be bringing pantry moths into your house without knowing it. This pack of pantry moth traps (2 traps total) offers an economical and convenient natural pest control solution to moths flying around your pantry. Pantry moth control starts and ends with the Safer® Brand.