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  • Manufacturer: Michigan Mittens

This unique full-color map bandana can be used as a skull cap, ascot, babushka, wall art, hanky and so much more! However, you decide to use it this "handy" map is sure to help you find your way around the Mitten State in style!

  • Manufacturer: Sloggers Rain Boots & Gear
  • Model Number: 446TN

Our Sloggers Nylon sun hat is the perfect outdoor sports hat. It is adjustable, has a wind lanyard, and is rated UPF 50+ for MAXIMUM SUN PROTECTION. It is lightweight and foldable, so it's perfect for gardening, fishing, hiking, camping... you name it. This is a GREAT hat. Unisex styling and adjustable from small to large. Made in China.

  • Manufacturer: Sloggers Rain Boots & Gear
  • Model Number: 444DH

This good looking hat was named after my father. It's classy, just like he was, and ready for the golf course, fishing, or strolling the boardwalk. It has a comfort head band, and an attractive hat band. Medium fit. Made in China.

  • Manufacturer: Sloggers Rain Boots & Gear
  • Model Number: 5301BN

It’s about time we sent a shout out to the men in the garden. Yes, “real men” do wear garden shoes, at least when they are Sloggers®! Of course, they're not just for the garden. The brown leather print and matte surface looks like a dress shoe, so they're great for the office on a rainy day. Just like the rest of our Sloggers MADE IN THE USA shoes, they include our "All-Day-Comfort" insoles, our signature deep lug sole for great traction in wet and muddy conditions, and a soft binding around the top. Our shoes are made from 100% RECYCLABLE, medical grade material, so they have a soft feel, no odor (like the China stuff), are easy to hose off clean and will last for years. The sole contains up to 50% recycled material and when your finished with your shoes, you can send them back to us and we'll turn them back into a new pair! How's that for "reuse and recycle"?