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  • Manufacturer: Espoma Natural Gardening Solutions

Espoma Organic Bat Guano is derived from wild insect-eating bats and procured from a unique cave environment in the southwestern USA. It provides nitrogen that will help plants develop a deep green color while producing rapid growth, plus phosphorus that promotes root growth and blooms.

Root Riot cubes are made from composted organic materials, and have a great spongy texture, which retains the perfect air/water ratio for healthy, rapid root growth.

The ultimate rooting compound – relied on by professional and amateur horticulturists the world over to deliver successful propagation.

  • Manufacturer: FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company

In every bag, you’ll find finely screened, pH-balanced aged forest products, earthworm castings, and bat guano, not to mention—beneficial microbes and humic acid. Don’t Treat Your Soil Like Dirt!® ...Bring home a bale of our all-natural soil conditioner, and your garden will thank you.

  • Manufacturer: Plantation Products Inc

Complete system in a compact size to start seeds. All-in-one greenhouse contains sturdy base tray and clear humidity dome with 6 Jiffy-7® peat pellets.

  • Manufacturer: Plantation Products Inc

Prevent transplant shock and minimize root damage with all natural Jiffy® pots. These pots are 100% biodegradable and fully compostable. 

  • Manufacturer: Plantation Products Inc

Make Starting and Handling Plants Fast and Easy. Bottom Holes Improve Root Development and Afford Better Drainage For Your Plants. Help To Minimize Shock When Transplanting.

  • Manufacturer: Plantation Products Inc

All-in-one greenhouse. Complete system in a compact size to start seeds. All-in-one greenhouse contains sturdy base tray and clear humidity dome with 25 Jiffy-7® peat pellets.

  • Manufacturer: Plantation Products Inc

The perfect indoor start for your garden. Easy to use, just add water and seeds. Transplants directly into the garden or larger containers. Clear dome maintains humidity and warmth during germination period.

  • Manufacturer: Hydrofarm

Get a jump start on the growing season with the Hot House with Seedling Heat Mat. It is well known that seeds will often germinate much more easily when provided with temperatures 10°F-20°F above room temperature.

  • Manufacturer: Coast of Maine

Bumper Crop® Soil Builder can greatly improve the quality of your garden soil. It will loosen clay and other hard, compacted earths, improving drainage, planting texture, and aeration. It will help bind sandy or rocky soils to promote water reten- tion. In all kinds of garden soils, Bumper Crop® Soil Builder will make cultivation easier, provide better moisture absorption and retention, increase all-around soil aeration and provide a beneficial environment for micro-organisms.

  • UPC: 072532000148

Superthrive® is a combination of vitamins and hormones designed as a activator, reviver,  and assists in transplanting of plants, trees, and anything green.