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  • Manufacturer: Lake Valley Seed

Zinnia elegans. Annual.
Giant 4-5″ double flowers in red, rose, purple, orange, yellow and white for bright summer color. Stunning in mass plantings. One of the best flowers for hot areas, California Giants will bloom all summer long. Attracts pollinators.

  • Manufacturer: Lake Valley Seed

Mixed varieties. Annual/perennial.
This wildflower mixture loves full sun and will provide an eye-catching patch of color all summer. Blossoms begin in about 45 days and continue for many years, depending on your site. Creates beautiful wildflower bouquets. Attracts pollinators.

  • Manufacturer: Lake Valley Seed

Helianthus annuus. Annual.
All-America Selections Winner. Soraya is considered to be the first orange sunflower, with sunny petals surrounding the deep chocolate center. Branching plants provide plenty of long stemmed and long lasting flowers, ideal for bouquets.

A rainbow of multicolored stems and wrinkled green and bronze leaves. Harvest tender young leaves for subtle, earthy flavor. Easy to grow. A vigorous producer in all climates.

The classic Swiss chard known for its high yields all season long. Large, dark green leaves are packed with nutrients. Easy to grow; a vigorous producer in all climates.

Early Scarlet Globe is fast-growing for a quick harvest of round, bright red radishes with crispness and  mild, peppery flavor. Eat them fresh from the garden, whole or sliced in salads.

Brighten up your salad bowl with this stunning selection of multicolored radishes. Vibrant roots of purple, red, gold and white contain crisp white flesh with a refreshing peppery flavor.

Easter Egg is a delightful mixture of white, red, and purple radishes. This quality mix is one of our favorites because the radishes remain crispy and mild flavored over a long harvest period. Easy to grow.

Bright orange, sweet and crunchy, with nearly coreless 6-8″ roots. Scarlett Nantes is easy to grow and stores well. Firm flesh that’s perfect for slicing, and delicious roasted, steamed, grilled, juiced or eaten raw.

A delicious mixture of five beetroot varieties: Subeto (purple), Boldor (orange skin and yellow flesh), Chioggia (reddish-pink skin and red and white ringed flesh), Albina Vereduna (pale green skin and white flesh), and Bull’s Blood Scarletta (dark burgundy leaves and skins, dark pink flesh). Delicious whether eaten hot, raw, cooked or pickled. Try steaming the tender stems and leaves as an alternative to spinach or chard.

  • UPC: 638104640503
  • Manufacturer: Hydrofarm

Get a jump start on the growing season with the Hot House with Seedling Heat Mat. It is well known that seeds will often germinate much more easily when provided with temperatures 10°F-20°F above room temperature.