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Green Thumb 4 Season Lawn Fertilizer Program

  • Manufacturer: Green Thumb Brand Lawn & Garden Products

Grass does not live by sun and water alone... so feed your lawn all year long. Four essential bags of Green Thumb fertilizer will keep your lawn healthy from spring to winter. Get all the essential nutrients as the leading brands, but without the high price.

Green Thumb Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food - Step 1:

  • Apply in early Spring
  • Controls crabgrass and other annual grasses

Green Thumb Weed & Feed - Step 2:

  • Apply when weeds are growing
  • Kills weeds while feeding your lawn
  • Controls dandelions and over 250 broadleaf weeds including: clover, ground ivy, and chickweed

Green Thumb Lawn Food Plus 2% Iron - Step 3:

  • Improves rooting & color
  • Promotes thick, lush green lawns
  • 2% Iron for deep greening

Green Thumb Winterizer with 2% Iron - Step 4:

  • Apply in the Fall
  • Helps lawns survive the winter stress
  • Encourages a stronger, deeper root system