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Suet Cake, Peanut Crunch, 11.25-oz.

  • Manufacturer: True Value
  • SKU: 165796
  • Model Number: DD-18

11. 25 OZ, Peanut Crunch Suet Cake, Features Bits Of Peanut, Perfect For Pleasing Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, Cater To A Variety Of Peanut Loving Songbirds With Peanut Crunch Suet, Peanut Pieces Provide A Nutty Flavor To This High Energy Cade, Blended With Food Grade Beef Tallow & Guaranteed Fresh, Each Cake Features A High Melting Point Of 122 Degrees Fahrenheit, Making Then Ideal For Year Round Feeding, Place 1 Suet Cake In A Suet Cage & Hang Approximately 6' Off The Ground, Attract Colorful Songbirds.